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Vintage But Vicious: Takes Center Stage as Our Design Star of the Month!

Vintage But Vicious: Takes Center Stage as Our Design Star of the Month!

Attacking the new year with new designs! We recently released our new "Vintage But Vicious" design, promoting our everlasting idea of allowing women over 40 to empower confidence at any age! As we see the end of winter near, the promise of fresh new opportunities awaits with springtime right around the corner. We prepare to blossom into the bright and resilient life forms we've been chiseling away at during this chilly season!

The juxtaposition of "Vintage" and "Vicious" in the design creates a powerful contrast. It celebrates the maturity and experience that comes with age while infusing a sense of boldness and fierceness. Like perennial plants experiencing rebirth and rejuvenation, we remain strong in our roots and resurrect the beauty that has always lived within. This duality resonates with women who embrace their journey and are unafraid to showcase their strength.

Vintage But Vicious Women's V-Neck T-shirt

Vintage but Vicious Women's V-Neck T-Shirt

The design challenges and rejects traditional age stereotypes. By proudly declaring "Vicious" alongside "Vintage," it sends a message that age does not define limitations. This resonates with women who are tired of societal expectations and embrace their uniqueness. Promoting positive aging and pushing past the patriarchal propagation of "withering old women."

The design encourages confidence and self-expression. It allows women to express their vibrant personalities and assertiveness, fostering a sense of empowerment. We know that midlife women appreciate the opportunity to communicate their attitude and personality through their fierce fashion choices.


The word "Vicious" suggests an unapologetic attitude. Women over 40 often appreciate the freedom to be themselves without conforming to societal norms. This design gives them a platform to boldly declare their individuality and strength. Creating workout clothes for women over 40 who to confidently rep, while repping out the WODs, weights, poses, and Pilates alike. Sporting this new design during your exercise program of choice will surely bring sustained stamina and spark meaningful conversation into your strength routine! 

In essence, the "Vintage But Vicious" design taps into the desire for authenticity, self-expression, and a sense of community, making it a perfect fit for women over 40. It goes beyond being just a piece of clothing; it becomes a statement, a badge of honor, and a celebration of a vibrant and fearless stage of life.

Vintage But Vicious: Takes Center Stage as Our Design Star of the Month

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