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Meet Judi Oyama

Jun 9, 2024

Meet Judi Oyama

Meet 64 year old, Judi Oyama, from California who is shredding the world's skateboarding competitors over three quarters her age. Judi still trail runs and does CrossFit four times a week and is an advocate for women in sports.
Old Lady Gains Women You Should Meet Ada Pozo

May 30, 2022

Meet Ada Pozo

Meet 50 year old, Ada Pozo, from Miami, Florida who is a mother, wife, former judge, and Cuban-American trial attorney who started her own business from scratch in her 40s, which was around the same time she got serious about fitness. She's lost and gain 20# a dozen times in her life but has learned to avoid crash diets and will never let the scale define how she feels about her.  
Meet Ginny Maccoll

Apr 7, 2020

Meet Ginny Maccoll

Meet 68 year old American Ninja Warrior, Ginny Maccoll, from North Carolina who had to raised 2 kids by herself in a remote location of the Poconos.  She hadn't been active in over 30 years until a neighbor built a ninja course at his house and she went over to try it out and got hook. Ginny never picked up a weight or even entered a gym until she was 63. It took her a full year of dedicated training before she was able to do a single pull up and now 5 years later holds the title of oldest American Ninja Warrior. She wants all women to know they can get strong at any age and to be inspired to just move into their 100s.

Mar 20, 2020

Meet Marcy Wodniakowski

Meet 44 years old Marcy Wodniakowski from Calgary, AB, Canada who is a true survivor. She overcame a battle with depressed in her 30’s where she had to learn to be kind to herself in order to love herself again.  Then, the day after Christmas 2018, she suffered a major stroke despite being extremely healthy and fit. Marcy uses exercise as a tool to recovery and maintaining her mental health.

Feb 12, 2020

Meet Monique Harris

Meet 42 years old, Monique Harris from Yorba Linda, CA who is a Project Manager by day and a Powerlifter by night. After reaching 240 pounds at 36 years old, Monique started to walk a mile a day and eventually worked up to running a mile 5x a week.  She got into powerlifting after realizing she was strong and now at 5’ 4” has a 375 lbs back squat and 457 lbs deadlift. She also has deadlifted comedian, Wayne Brady, while competition as a contestant on the game show Let’s Make a Deal.

Jan 27, 2020

Meet Robbie Moyles

Meet 54 year old Robbie Moyles, a busy business woman from Mississauga Ontario, Canada. At 43 and 60 pounds overweight, she had her best friend pass away, left an abusive relationship, and found a lump in her breast before finally deciding she had neglected herself for long enough and needed to make a change. Robbie finds her second chance at a better life daily through fitness.

Jan 1, 2020

Meet Brenda Sinclair

Meet 53 year old grandma, Brenda Sinclair from Idaho who 3 years ago, after spending most of her life obese, decided to make a lifestyle change and lost 70 lbs. By reminding herself daily she is worthy enough to be healthy she found a fitness routine that worked for her in combination with proper nutrition she has been able to get off a variety of medications and is now healthier than she's been in years.

Oct 13, 2019

Meet Dee Ann Biggers

Meet 49 year old mom, grandma, and breast cancer survivor, Dee Ann Biggers from Hartsville, Tennessee. Just 5 days after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she lost her husband in an auto crash. She turned to fitness after her bilateral mastectomy 10 years. Now, Dee Ann lifts heavy weights and power walks for 2-4 hours a day and considers now being the best shape of her life.

May 6, 2019

Melissa Garza

Meet 42 year old, single mom of 4 teenage boys, Melissa Garza from Brownsville, Texas. After her divorce, she lost herself and began neglecting her own health and well-being. She gained weight which eventually led to being placed on medication for high-blood pressure. She realized if she wanted to be there for her boys she was going to need to prioritize herself and her own wellness. Melissa not only found herself again, she has built a stronger relationship with her boys and found the place where fits in to this world in Powerlifting. Lifting is no longer a just a hobby for her, but is a lifestyle. 

Apr 21, 2019

Meet Susanne Brothers

Meet 46 year old mom of 2, realtor, and adaptive athlete, Susanne Brothers from Portland, Oregon. Susanne's story has challenges most will know as she has to overcoming daily obstacles after a car accident in 2005 took half her left arm. Working out has giving her the confidence and a sense of community which as improved her job performance and personal life. She wants everyone to know that you can “Let your ability be stronger than your disability.”

Apr 8, 2019

Meet Debbie King

Meet the stunning 42-yr old, Debbie King from Ontario, Canada. Debbie's story starts with being active in sports in her youth to setting that aside in her 20's and early 30's to prioritize a career which left her becoming winded when climbing the subway stairs. Over the past 10 years, she has won figure athlete competitions, done powerlifting, and is now got her eyes set on representing her country in the 2020 World Masters Athletics Championship for track & field. 

Apr 2, 2019

Meet Liz Silcock & Elana Findlow

Meet sisters Liz Silcock & Elana Findlow from Bali, Indonesia. This unbelievable pair are 60 & 63 years old. They have lived all over the world and only started working out in their 40s with some walks, hikes and a little jogging. Now, they are avid CrossFit athletes who are redefining what it means to age and have the confidence to take on anything life my throw their way, including changing their own tires when they get a flat.
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