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It Took Me 40 Years to Learn This

It Took Me 40 Years to Learn This

I was born in the early 70s and growing up I didn’t have strong female role models showing me what women could achieve. Let alone that fact that age wasn’t a factor. 

In fact, it was quite the opposite. I have vivid memories of hearing the phrase “I can’t do that, I’m too old.” To be fair, this seemed to be a social norm. 

No wonder people feared aging! Aging meant you stopped living. 

I didn’t start incorporating a regular fitness routine into my life until I was 38. By the time I reached 45, I was stronger and more fit than any point in my 20s. I could carry things on my own that I used to ask my husband for help with. But, I wasn’t just more physically capable. I was also smarter, more financially stable, and overall happier. Heck, I become an entrepreneur by starting OLG. Yet, I was a middle-aged woman doing all these new things. When is that “too old” supposed to kick in? 

Then it hit me. People use age as an excuse. An excuse to not ‘try’. They hide their fears behind the coverage of age. It wasn’t that they couldn’t because they were too old. It was because they choose not to. 

It’s time for a new narrative. 

A new social norm. 

It’s time for an age-positive revolution. 

Let’s teach our daughters, our sisters, our girlfriends, our mothers, and especially our grandmothers it’s never too late and hold them accountable to not using age as an excuse. Age is a privilege to be used to your advantage, not a curse.

Stay strong, Friends.

Old Lady Gain’s founder Kim Munoz standing in a Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage grey halter tank top

Kim Munoz
Founder Old Lady Gains
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