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7 Ways for Women to Live Agelessly 

7 Ways for Women to Live Agelessly 

Getting older might be a thing we can’t control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live agelessly. There are some choices we can make to slow the process down and live a better, healthier, and more fulfilled life. 

Feed Your Body Nutritious Food

I don’t think we understand just how much what we put in our bodies affects the aging process. Take a look at someone who smoked and drank alcohol for most of their life and sit them beside someone who didn’t and you’ll see a marked difference. On top of that, food choices and food habits over years of time can have a huge influence on how we age. Eat crappy food for a day and notice how you feel. Most likely you feel sluggish, have poor digestion, and experience brain fog. Now think of what happens to your body when that becomes a normal part of your life? 

Make Yourself a Priority

After years of putting your family and others first, maybe it’s time to make yourself a priority. Taking care of yourself means you’ll have more energy to take care of those around you. On top of that, you’ll be a happier, more fulfilled person. 

For some reason we adopt this belief that making ourselves a priority is a selfish act, and something we have to deny if we’re going to be a good mom, a good employee, a good daughter, and a good friend. But neglecting your own needs and desires isn’t going to make you better at anything. Instead, you’ll be tired and disgruntled. 

Take time for yourself even if it means you have to write it in your schedule just like you would any other meeting or appointment. You’ll be so glad you did. 

Keep a Sunny Outlook on Life

Ever hang around someone with a terrible attitude? Talk about a fast track to a miserable life. Having a constant negative attitude can create chronic stress which can actually damage the immune system and therefore shortens your lifespan.

There are so many upsides to keeping a positive attitude and outlook including decreased depression, increased lifespan, lower stress levels and greater resistance to illness. In addition to that, you will attract people that you want to succeed and who want to be around you. 

Stay Active by Exercising Regularly

We all know that exercise is good for us. But have you ever seen an individual who led a sedentary lifestyle beside one who led an active lifestyle? The differences between them and the aging process is phenomenal. The individual who chose to exercise on a regular basis will appear and act years younger. It can literally be the difference between slowing down and speeding up the aging process. 

Making exercise a priority on a regular basis will make you feel younger and will give you a brighter outlook on life due to the hormones that exercise releases in your brain. The increased blood flow that your body and brain experience when you exercise will help fight off disease and improve your cognitive function which are both huge factors when it comes to aging.

Try New Things

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop trying new things. In fact, quite the opposite! Seek out new adventures and experiences to try. Grab a friend and look for something new to try. Set a goal that looks impossible, and see how far you can go. You’ll most likely surprise yourself and have a blast in the process. 

Never Stop Learning

Continuing to learn means you are keeping your brain active and improving your cognitive skills. It also means you’ll be more fulfilled and life will still be exciting and fun. You’ll gain new perspectives on different subjects leading to deeper and more meaningful conversations and friendships. 

Keep a Sense of Humor

Having a good, long laugh is good for the soul, but turns out it actually may help you live longer. This article finds that women who maintain a sense of humor live longer than those who don’t. I don’t know of anyone who would say they feel worse after a good laugh or that they don’t enjoy a good sense of humor. It’s truly medicine for the soul and turns out it is for the body as well. 

Take care of your mind, body and soul and you’ve found the key to living an ageless life. 


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