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14 Gift Ideas for the Older Ladies in Your Life Who Have Everything

14 Gift Ideas for the Older Ladies in Your Life Who Have Everything

We all have those people in our lives who are impossible to buy gifts for because they have everything they want or need. We’ve compiled a list of items for the active ladies in your life that fall into that category. (Is it wrong to put some of these under the tree for myself?)

Workout Apparel


This Old Ass is a Badass -First and foremost, every woman who is over middle age and works out needs one of these tshirts. And if that’s not their style, then opt for one of these Thou Shalt Not tees. Both are made of tri-blend material and your old lady friend will feel like the badass that she is when repping these shirts. 


Cougar Tank - If you’re liking the idea of gifting a tank instead of a tee, our muscle tank is the perfect choice as well as any of our halter tanks. Filling her closet full of age defying apparel is a perfect gift. 


Old Lady Gains Collection - I don’t know of any woman who wouldn’t rock these hats. They’re perfect for when you need to run errands and don’t want to wash your hair, or even for a workout. 


Back and Shoulder Massager - This would be a great addition to the recovery arsenal. It includes a heat option as well as different speed options to really get in there and massage out those neck and shoulder muscles. 

Acupuncture Mat - This might look like a torture device, but they really are divine. They help with stress relief, relaxation, pain reduction and increased circulation. 

 Chillax - Chillax is a non-greasy recovery gel that helps take care of that post workout soreness. It is infused with natural aromas and creates a nice little cooling sensation when rubbed on your skin. 

Theragun Mini - What woman wouldn’t want to own one of these?! Working out those sore muscles and cramps with a little handheld massage gun makes the workout worth it. 

Compression System - If you’re wanting to spend a little more, consider these bad boys. These leg compression sleeves aid in recovery, improve circulation, decrease swelling and stiffness, and relieves muscle fatigue. 

Miscellaneous Ideas

Fitness Log - A Lot of people have resorted to their phones and apps to log workouts. But sometimes taking pen to paper is nice. This little log book does the trick for logging exercises, sets, and reps as well as water intake and nutrition. 

Charity of Her Choice - I love this idea. Sometimes, (probably most of the time) we really do have everything we need and want. Maybe what would mean the most to her is making a donation in her name to the charity of her choice. 

Monthly Flower Subscription - Somehow having flowers delivered to your door is just a heartwarming pick-me-up. There are lots of companies out there that offer a subscription service, so take a look in her local area and see what’s available. It’s bound to put a smile on her face. 

Park Pass - There are lots of places to see and explore in our national parks. If the older woman in your life likes to stay active and explore, this is the gift for her. What would make it even better is if you could join her a time or two.  

There you have it! Your shopping for the older women in your life who have everything is now finished. Another thing crossed off your list and done!

Old Lady Gains Gift Ideas for the Older Lady who has everything
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