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5 Ways Not To Get Stronger After 40

1. Continue to believe you're not worthy enough to be strong.

Believing you are not someone who is worthy of being strong is just shitting on yourself. STAAAAAAAP IT

You wouldn't tell your best friend that shit, so way are you doing it to yourself. There is not one person out there more worthy than you. It's a mindset game and you're loosing before you even start.

Repeat after me "I AM WORTHY of being strong."

2. Continue to believe you're already too old.

    A sure-fire way to not improve your strength is to feed yourself the bullshit that you’re too old.

    Plain and simple, it’s an excuse. You don’t want to try, so it’s a great excuse to tell people that you're too old. Nice try. Want in on a little secret? No one believes you.

    3. Don't put yourself first or make your own health a priority.

      Pretending that you are too busy taking care of everyone or everything else to make time for your own health and well-being is just another way to avoid it. Let’s get real for a second. You are avoiding it because it scares you. Revisit #1 above because it starts there.

      4. Eat like an asshole and then lie to yourself that you're not eating THAT bad.

        Lying to yourself about what you’re eating is self-sabotage. If you are justifying to  poor food choices, Houston, we have a problem. The relationship one has with food is personal and often toxic to achieving our goals. You have to get real with yourself and stop the lies. Again, we wouldn't lie to our best friend, why is it o.k. to lie to yourself. Oh wait, see #1 again!!

        5. Stay within your comfort zone and never push yourself.

          If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you’ve always got. You can’t expect to see any changes if you’re not willing to first change what you’re doing. The definition of insanity is to do the same effing thing over and over and expecting a different result. Pushing outside of what is comfortable or easy for you is the only way to see results.

          (oh look.... a bonus reason)

          6. Make excuses and reasons to skip your workouts.

          It is scientifically proven that you will not get stronger when you’re skipping your workout. End of story. Don't put in the work, don't get results. Sometimes, just showing up is the biggest battle. Change the narrative in your head when the excuses start to sneak in to "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know....but your still going."

          (Laura Nielsen @coachlaurawcg - 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete Masters 40-44)

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