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Vintage Charm, Savage Spirit: The Backstory of Our Best-Seller

Vintage Charm, Savage Spirit: The Backstory of Our Best-Seller

Creativity is often portrayed as a natural gift, effortlessly flowing from the minds of imaginative individuals. However, for many, including myself, the process of finding the perfect design and concept can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience of how I came up with our best-selling design, "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage," and the journey it took to create a unique blend of styles that resonated with our company's mission.

Embracing My Creative Journey: I have never considered myself the most naturally creative person. While some ideas may come easily to others, inspiration often eluded me. However, I didn't let that discourage me. I discovered that by keeping a list of half-baked sayings and ideas, I could plant the seeds of inspiration and allow them to marinate over time. This practice gave me the freedom to explore different possibilities until one truly spoke to me.

The Birth of "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage": For about six months, I pondered over the concept of blending contrasting styles—something that would be kinda classy, kinda hood, and uniquely my own. I wanted to capture the essence of our company, Old Lady Gains, which embraces both vintage charm and fierce determination. Finally, after months of contemplation, the phrase "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage" emerged from the depths of my creative reservoir. This often happens in the oddest places or times, like when I'm out walking the dogs.

The Power of Rhyme and Essence: In this design, I recognized the power of rhyme and the impact it could have on capturing attention and creating a memorable experience for our customers. By combining the contrasting qualities of vintage and savage, I managed to encapsulate the spirit of our company and our mission in just a few words. This juxtaposition not only adds intrigue but also sparks curiosity and connects with our target audience.

The Simplicity of John Doe Font: To complement the unique concept behind "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage," I chose a super simple type writer font called John Doe. This choice was deliberate, as it allowed the words to speak for themselves without overwhelming the design. The clean and minimalistic aesthetic of John Doe font enhances the overall impact, drawing attention to the powerful message conveyed by the phrase.

Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage Black Halter Tank

A Remarkable Success and Trademarking: Since its release, "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage" has become our best-selling design, resonating with our customers on a profound level. We've put it on headbands, trucker hats, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, etc. The popularity and recognition it garnered prompted us to take the necessary steps to trademark it, ensuring its exclusivity and protecting our brand's identity.

The Future and Beyond: As trends and styles evolve, we understand that there may come a time when the term "gains" goes out of fashion. In such a scenario, we remain open to rebranding our company around the remarkable success of "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage." It serves as a testament to our dedication to creativity, adaptability, and staying true to the essence of our mission.

Retro Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage Mint Crop

The story behind "Kinda Vintage Kinda Savage" is a testament to the power of persistence and exploration in the creative process. It highlights the importance of embracing our individual journeys, even if they may not align with traditional notions of creativity. By nurturing ideas, finding inspiration in unexpected places, and blending contrasting elements, we can create something truly remarkable. This design represents the heart and soul of our company, leaving a lasting impact on both us and our customers.

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