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8 Best Gifts for the Active and Unstoppable Grandma 2023

8 Best Gifts for the Active and Unstoppable Grandma 2023

Are you ready to celebrate the active grandma in your life who's breaking stereotypes and crushing it at every age? Well, buckle up because we've got the perfect gift guide for the incredible women who refuse to let age define them. Whether she's into fitness, adventure, or simply enjoying life to the fullest, we've got you covered with some ideal and unique gifts for the active grandma – because age is just a number, and she's rewriting the playbook!

Old Lady Gains Apparel: What better way to embrace the unstoppable spirit than with some gear from the ultimate empowerment brand – Old Lady Gains! From stylish athleisure wear to comfortable workout gear, deck grandma out in confidence-boosting apparel that shows off her strength and sass. Because who says grandmas can't rock a killer gym outfit with our workout clothes for older women !?

Someone's Badass Grandma Halter Tank

Customized Fitness Planner: Help grandma stay on top of her fitness game with a personalized fitness planner. Tailor it to her favorite activities, set achievable goals, and let her track her progress. Every checkmark is a victory, and she'll love flipping through the pages, showcasing her commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Empowering Reading Material: Gift grandma a collection of inspiring books written by women over 40 who have embraced life's adventures. Whether it's memoirs, self-help books, or stories of resilience, these reads will fuel her passion for growth and keep her spirit soaring. Diana Nyad's story is definitely one of those inspirational books.

Diana Nyad Find a Way Book Cover

Diana Nyad - Find a Way 

Therapeutic Massage or Spa Day: Pamper grandma with a therapeutic massage or a spa day. After all her active pursuits, a relaxing session will be a welcome treat for her body and mind.

Subscription to a Healthy Snack Box or Prepared Meals: Keep grandma fueled with nutritious snacks by gifting her a subscription to a healthy snack box. It's a convenient way for her to maintain her energy levels while enjoying tasty treats. Our favorite here at Old Lady Gains is Mother of Macros, which is woman-owned and operated in Reno, Nevada.

Mother of Macros

Mother of Macros Meal Service

Yoga Retreat or Class Pass: Encourage grandma to unwind and stay active with a yoga retreat or a pass for local yoga classes. It's a fantastic way to enhance both physical and mental well-being, especially with our workout clothes for older women.

Personal Trainer: Hiring a personal trainer for the active grandma in your life can be a fantastic and personalized gift. A personal trainer can create a customized fitness plan tailored to grandma's goals, abilities, and preferences. Whether she's aiming to build strength, improve flexibility, or boost overall fitness, having a plan designed just for her will make her workouts more effective and enjoyable.

So there you have it – a gift guide tailor-made for the active grandma who refuses to slow down. 

StoryWorth: StoryWorth is an extraordinary journey through your unstoppable grandma in your life, this unique present offers a platform to share adventures, wisdom, and cherished moments. The weekly prompts guide her in reflecting on diverse aspects of her journey, creating a personalized memoir that captures the essence of her resilience and joy. It's a stress-free, user-friendly experience that culminates in a beautifully bound book, a family keepsake filled with unexpected stories and profound insights. StoryWorth fosters connection across generations, making it the perfect gift to celebrate the vibrant life and legacy of the remarkable grandma who continues to inspire and empower.


Remember, the key is to celebrate her passions and interests while supporting her active and vibrant lifestyle. Whether it's physical fitness, mental well-being, or simply enjoying life's pleasures, these gifts are sure to empower and bring joy to the amazing grandma in your life!

Old Lady Gains 8 Best Gifts of the Active Grandma 2023


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