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10 Experts and Inspirational Women Over 40 to Follow on Social Media

10 Experts and Inspirational Women Over 40 to Follow on Social Media

Social media can be a dark hole of scrolling, but every once in a while you come across people who bring value and worth to the endless thumb scroll. We can learn so much from each other, and these women have incredible accounts that help teach and educate, especially those of us over 40. 

Susan Niebergall

Susan has an incredible account full of information and education. I mean…wow. You can’t visit her page without coming away with something new. 


Dee Jackson

Dee offers straight talk on fitness, diet, and self care. She provides tips on how to transform your body through food and exercise. 



Kendra Jarratt

I first found Kendra on TikTok and absolutely loved the tips and tricks she  offered for nutrition. I think as a whole, women do not eat enough protein and Kendra does a great job of finding ways to get more protein in your meals. I then followed her over on the ‘gram and have loved the value she brings to the table. 


Natalie Jill

After hitting an incredible low in life (her story is on her website), Natalie made the conscious decision to change her life. She brings so much value to women not only in the fitness realm, but in life in general. 


Jessica Gunn

Jessica didn’t start her fitness journey until the age of 37. Proof that you can start, no matter what age you are. 


Monica Jones

Now go and click that follow button! I think you’ll find value in each one of their accounts and learn something you didn’t know before.


Tania Dalton

Tania is a wealth of information for the post menopausal woman. Check out the link in her bio for a ton of information.


Kim Schlag

Kim brings a fantastically well rounded account full of fitness, food, and middle aged female issues. Another account filled to the brim with information!


Joan MacDonald

I mean, this woman is an absolute rockstar. She started weight training at 70 and is still going strong 5 years later. If she can make such a transformation at 70, then you can get yourself to the gym today! Check out her website for her inspiring story.


Marci Nevin

Another account jam packed full of knowledge and information. Marci is all about making it a lifestyle, and finding what works for you without restriction or extremes. 



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